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Studying Vibrational Communication. 2014. Reginald B. Cocroft, Matija Gogala, Peggy S. M. Hill & Andreas Wessel (Editors). Volume 3 in Springer’s Animal Signals and Communication series (V. Janik & P. MacGregor, series editors).

Book summary: Vibrational communication holds the unique position of being one of the most ancient and widespread forms of animal communication, and yet the most poorly known. The long evolutionary history of vibrational communication, the remarkable diversity of species in which it occurs, and its central role in biotic interactions provide unparalleled opportunities for addressing general questions. Vibrational communication has also proven to be a key to understanding the behavior of individual species, across much of the tree of life. The goal of Studying Vibrational Communication is to inspire research into this important and fascinating communication modality by providing state-of-the-field reviews, historical perspectives and technical advice, and by suggesting new directions for groundbreaking studies. We also hope to convince those new to the field that studying this communication modality is surprisingly accessible, even for those with no prior experience.

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